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Nanjing Mixed Use

Nanjing Mixed Use

Client: Crouching Dragon Development
Location: Nanjing, China
2,000,000 sf
Type I Construction

Large Architecture was approached to develop the recreational and commercial zones of a large master planning effort near Nanjing China.

The Mixed Use Center will have a 500,000 sf office building, 250,000 sf of convention space, 350,000 sf of retail, and a 600,000 sf high density residential component with a protected marina.

A new 150,000 sf country club at the top of an adjacent hill will be accessed through an aerial funicular link. Residents of the development will access the Mixed Use Center through a network of local street cars.

The Mixed Use Center will use the cool water of Lake Crouching Dragon to cool the common spaces. An intelligent skin system will be incorporated to allow for passive cooling and heating during the spring and autumn months.