LARGE architecture is a medium size office with an expertise in large complex projects. With an emphases in architecture, landscape, and planning, the office is led by Greg LaGrega, Mike Rich, and Alan Grant (LRG). In a relatively short period of time, LARGE has earned a reputation for designing and delivering high quality architecture that is rational and creative. The principal's extensive experience, shared ideas, and complimentary skills, combine to provide creative design solutions across a vast array of project typologies.

The client’s goals and aspirations are met through an ambitious yet realistic design approach that is centered around three key components; Design, Technology, and Budget. By focusing on these specific areas, LARGE is able to develop a rational design process that brings all of their projects to reality. The design team draws on their many years of national and international experience bringing a unique perspective to every commission undertaken. Their understanding of what is technically achievable from the very beginning, is what sets LARGE apart from the others.


LARGE’s ability to communicate conceptual concepts through their use of multiple media platforms ensures that their clients are part of the design process. LARGE’s staff has extensive experience in design and construction. This expertise is proven via an impressive portfolio of complex high-rise commercial and mixed-use projects. Their many years of bringing together the design, the budget and construction of projects is something that LARGE takes great pride in. No matter the scope, budget, complexity, or location, LARGE architecture has the ability to create architecture that will have a lasting impression through rational problem solving combined with ingenuity, and creativity.