LARGE Architecture believes that creating successful architecture is about problem solving both in terms of tangible and intangible aspects of your project. The built end-result must withstand the elements and protect inhabitants while maintaining intangible qualities associated with atmosphere such as light, material, and sound. Buckminster Fuller put it best when he said…“An architect is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.”

We recognize that solving the problems associated with a project requires a universal understanding of many complex issues. One can’t simply treat architectural design in a utilitarian manner related only to tangible issues, at the same time architecture is not solely an art. Architecture must embody ideals of both function and beauty that are developed equally. Simply put, a successful piece of architecture is the blending of rational and artistic constructs. At LARGE Architecture we build on the idea that there is always a truly artistic solution which speaks to our client’s pragmatic requirements. We also recognize that design solutions are not always finite. One design solution that is elegant and fitting may not always be the final scheme. In the realm of architecture there are many possible solutions.

When we start a project, we employ a client first approach and concentrate on understanding the clients objectives for the their project. We then test multiple options and seek consensus relative to the merit of the ideas presented. Our interactive process creates a dialogue that distills the issues into distinct directions. Starting with the broad scale issues of site location and orientation, the design process is conducted in a logical progression which then develops into more technical issues. In our search for solutions and a more comprehensive understanding of design issues, we utilize hand sketches, two dimensional renderings, three dimensional computer modeling, physical models, and animations. This multi-faceted approach to communicating our designs helps to convey all of the ideas and the issues that may affect a design project right on through to completion.