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1000 North La Brea

1000 North La Brea

1000 N. La Brea

1000 N. La Brea

Client: CIM Group
Location: West Hollywood, California
426,650 SF
Type I Construction

Standing at 377' tall and situated on the eastern edge of the City of West Hollywood boundary, this development will become the tallest tower in the city.

The project provides 514 residential units as well as a 30,000 SF grocery located at the base.

The design masks 6 levels of above grade parking by seamlessly integrating them into the language of the facade. It also introduces a public plaza onto a currently under-activated street corner to make La Brea more walkable.

Currently the site is home to a Cement plant that split between the city of LA and the city of West Hollywood. Given the scale of the project, it carefully respects future developments on the site and the existing neighboring context.

A series of shifting boxes serve to ameliorate the feeling of a tall never ending fa├žade. The shifted boxes have the added benefit of providing tenant balconies and a passive way to reduce solar heat gain on the east and west facade.