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1431 Franklin Offices

1431 Franklin Offices

Client: Tidewater
Location: Oakland, California
501,600 sf
Type I Construction

1431 Franklin is a 27 story office tower located within Oakland's historic district. The design takes great care to harmoniously channel the historic character of the neighborhood while adding contemporaneity to the city's skyline.

To maximize the floor plate's usability, the massing shifts the tower's circulation core to the south side. A two level amenity deck is notched into the northeast corner to break up the gridded facade.

The brick-clad core incorporates brushed aluminum panels that proportionally relate to the neighboring towers' windows. With a slight variation in finish and tint, the panels will animate the core's facade throughout the day.

The amenity deck notched into the facade takes advantage of the views along the northern and eastern elevations of the tower.

To create a continuous street facade along Franklin, the building's podium weaves itself into its immediate context by incorporating the horizontal lines of its neighbors.

1431 Franklin's skin distills the architectural language of the historic district: it is clad in tan-colored brick, its apertures are punched and recessed, and bronze fins accentuate its verticality.