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1755 Argyle

1755 Argyle

Client: Related California
Location: Los Angeles, California
280,000 sf
Type I Construction

The Argyle is a 114 unit 110,000 square feet luxury apartment tower. The project is adjacent to the iconic Capitol Records tower, and has views across the Hollywood hills and the Hollywood sign.

The challenge was to limit the visual impact of the parking on the residential component. The 375 parking stalls make up almost 50% of the project area. Clearly, it would not be desirable for tenants to feel as if they are living in a parking structure.

LARGE architecture developed options that would visually reduce the impact of the parking. Parking below grade was ruled out due to expenses and complications involved, and the preference to elevate the residential units to take advantage of the views.

The final concept was to create a consistent architectural language from top to bottom, as opposed to being a building placed atop a parking garage. Blending the garage into the tower gave the sense of reduced parking and a more elegant tower.

Another design consideration for us was the adjacent Capitol Records building. It was important not to detract from the Capitol Records building by mimicking it. A different but complementary expression was needed.

Ultimately, we arrived at a dynamic yet repetitive design that when viewed from below, would bring visual unity to the building. The emphasis was no longer on the separate parking and residential elements, but on the overall tower form.

Open space was also an important component for this project. On tight sites, open space is placed on the roof which is often restricted by rooftop equipment.

1755 Argyle has the amenity deck above the parking garage provided open and expansive spaces.