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Denver Racetrack Clubhouse

Denver Racetrack Clubhouse

Client: Denver Race Track
Denver, Colorado
65,000 sf
Type I Construction

The Formula 1 Country Club is located outside of Denver Colorado. The client wanted to design and build a Formula 1 quality race track providing the amenities of a country club for its members.

Most tracks in America are private tracks designed to showcase professional auto racing. There are few opportunities for those who own an automobile capable of driving more than 200 miles per hour who want to test the limits of their performance vehicle.

The Formula 1 country club allows for private individuals to access a track within a residential development. The amenities are equivalent to those expected in a country club setting.

The project program consists of a series of private garages linked directly to a private club room. The start-finish line bridges two tracks with a larger club house for small events and club gatherings.

The project goals were to design an iconic, aesthetically pleasing, cost effective and contextually friendly race track for the general public.