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Barber Motorsports Museum

Barber Motorsports Museum

Client: George Barber
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
180,000 sf
Type I Construction

Located near Birmingham Alabama, the Barber Motorsports Museum houses a vast collection of classic motorcycles. The museum is located on the grounds of the Barber Motorsports Park racetrack, one of America’s premier CART tracks.

Presently the museum houses more than a 1000 vehicles and a the world’s largest private collection of motorcycles. Recognized as a national treasure, ownership set out to build an addition to their already successful museum.

In order to maximize function and space, the first part of the addition was designed as a bridge to the new galleries and is nested in the center of the track.

The bridge traverses the track near turn 7, the most challenging portion of the race track. On race day the bridge doubles as a viewing area for patrons of the racetrack.