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Hancock Parque

Hancock Parque

Client: Jamison
Location: Los Angeles, California
240,000 sf
Type III Construction

Hancock Parque is an apartment building with 105 studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units totaling approximately 240,000 square feet in area, over top of a 3-level parking structure.

The site falls under the Park Mile Specific Plan where new residential developments are limited to 45’. The lot is located between 6 story buildings along Wilshire and large estate homes to the North.

A minimalistic strategy of faceted cuts was utilized to reduce the visual impact of the building. While the scale of the building related to the adjacent commercial buildings, the materials and forms suggested a connection to the nearby residences.

The landscaping incorporated a common native California style reminiscent of current LA residential trends. A slight lifting of the building off the street separated occupants from vehicular activity.

The building was designed with intentional offsets to create personal spaces and to articulate the building as a series of smaller buildings. The project is placed away from the rear property line to create a public park and open space amenity.