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Anju Fare

Anju Fare

Client: Undisclosed
Location: Los Angeles, California
230,000 sf
Type I Construction

Anju, food to have with alcohol with, is roughly the Korean equivalent of Gastropub food. This project will offer the atmosphere of a Korean Street Food market (Pojangmacha) that serves Anju along with select Korean beers and spirits.

Located just east of downtown Los Angeles in Koreatown. The site is on Western Avenue, a busy North South artery. Walkable space provides a casual walking experience through and indoor/outdoor area ideally suited for the climate of Southern California.

The existing structure and site is a parking garage and once functioned as a filling station that was a frequent hang out for local residents.

The volume is created by demolishing the interior portion of an existing building and organizing circulation so that culinary points are easily accessed throughout.

The semi-covered volume provides a flexible space that can be controlled enough to provide comfort on peak demand days in both winter and summer.