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Palladium Towers

Palladium Towers

Client: Crescent Heights
Location: Hollywood, California
980,000 sf
Type I Construction

The Palladium Towers are a mixed-use development with 800 living units, 980,000 square feet of new floor area, and more than 900 parking stalls above and below grade.

In a prime Hollywood location, the project has views of the Hollywood hills, and downtown Los Angeles. The project is located on the site of the existing Palladium concert venue.

Much of Los Angeles' green spaces are not common, and for this large development a built-in park would be a valued addition. The design incorporates a unique mid-level park and outdoor space.

The shape of the towers was derived from a combination of sculptural form and economy of exterior cladding.

Given the same area, the perimeter of an oval shape is less than the perimeter of a rectangular shape. Since the exterior skin is a significant portion of the total building cost, making the towers elliptical reduced the cladding area by as much as 10%.

The offset balconies serve to unify the two towers giving the tower a scale-less aesthetic. It also servers to give the project a more sculptural and iconic quality.