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333 South Hope

333 South Hope

Client: Brookfield Properties
Location: Los Angeles, California
289,000 sf
Type 1 Construction

333 Hope is a multifamily high-rise in the historic Bunker Hill of Los Angeles. Situated on an existing 9-story parking serving the Bank of America campus, it includes studio, one and two bedroom units along with elevated residential amenity spaces.

The client presented an open site, Bank of America Plaza. This seemingly simple project was a design challenge due to the historic landscape of the parking garage and the bank depository that could not be disturbed. Ultimately, became a structural feat.

Given its central placement, the design is practical yet elegant and respective to the adjacent developments. The most involved aspect was the economical structural solution to accommodate this 34-story building and lowering the columns was not an option.

The complex weaving of the existing building, driving aisles, ramps, and parking spaces meant too much disruption and loss would be realized using a conventional structural layout.

The only allotted area for a floor plate was a 30 foot by 60-foot zone. A typical floor plate is roughly 5 times this size, the reality of locating the tower without an unacceptable level of disruption or upgrade nearly made the project infeasible.

The resolution is a wine glass design where the columns are supporting the residential floor plate and transferred back to the core of the tower before it engages the existing podium minimizing the impacts to the podium and program elements below.

The shape of the residential floor plate required to ‘umbrella’ from the core support, which in turn created the optimal oval shape of the tower floor plates leading to an expression of the structure on the exterior skin eliminating the interior columns.

This facilitated the efficiency and flexibility of the residential floor plates planning process.