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710 Broadway

710 Broadway

Client: Related California
Location: Santa Monica, California
392,000 sf
Type I Construction

710 Broadway is a new multifamily high-rise project in the heart of downtown Santa Monica. The full-block project includes studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units - 280 in total, a full 30% of which will be affordable units.

The project also features a 60,000 SF VONS grocery store, 34,000 square feet of retail space, elevated residential amenities, and 2 levels of below-grade parking totaling approximately 392,000 square feet.

The project is located on the current site of the VONS grocery store at Lincoln and Broadway in Santa Monica. Lincoln and Broadway have historically been primary vehicular arteries into the city of Santa Monica from the adjacent 10 Freeway.

The original grocery store exists as a typical single-story market on a double site with dedicated adjacent surface parking. The new development will replace the existing condition with a new VONS flagship grocery store and other commercial retail spaces

The buildings have been pushed to the street line to create a more traditional pedestrian urban emphasis, where the continuous ground level retail has been incorporated into the base of the building on all sides, including street seating for the public.

The entire ground level is designed as a traditional walking street with park-like landscaping and retail windows to promote a heightened pedestrian experience along the sidewalks.

The project has been designed in a similar manner to a Parisian residential building with a 32,000 square foot central courtyard garden amenity for the use of the residents.

The residential buildings along the courtyard perimeter have been designed as three separate buildings with three unique identities. The Broadway building features full floor-to-ceiling glass with edge balconies and perimeter screens for privacy.

The Lincoln building and the 7th street building both feature brick facades and punched windows. These unique identities provide needed design contrast from one building to the next, giving this large project an appropriate village quality.